Welcome Back !

Thanks for being patient while we’ve made improvements. Stay tuned for new product releases, informative videos, and available class schedules in your area.

27 thoughts on “Welcome Back !

    1. Thanks for using Farmhouse Paint…You can look for a Retailer in your area on our Website…If one is not close to you we can ship any product you need…Thanks Again !

  1. I have been a professional faux finisher for more than 18 years and have done business with Susie for many of those years. I have always found her to be honest, extremely helpful and professional. When she introduced me to Farmhouse paint I “went for it”! I painted my old kitchen cabinets with White Ash and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM. They clean beautifully! This paint does everything she said it would. Thank you Susie.

  2. Can you send some instruction for using your tea stain antiquing gel. I finished painting with a red paint and saw your recommendation to use a top coat–why?

    1. Yes you will receive an email from info@farmhousepaint tomorrow…We are in the process of adding these to our site. If you have more questions please call are email.

  3. I just finished painting a small table with the blue toile paint. I also purchased the tea stain antiquing gel, can you please email directions for applying the gel? Thank you

    1. Thanks for trying Farmhouse Paint…We have just updated our site to include instructions for each product. If you still have questions please feel free to call us. Thanks again…Susie

  4. Hello, I found your site after some particularly frustrating episodes with chalk painted and waxed surfaces being easily messed up and frustration at the work that waxing is. I L-O-V-E your paint! It goes on beautifully and is so easy. I have one question. Are you ever going to have a red color in the furniture finish paint?
    Thanks, Donna

    1. Hi Donna…Yes we are working on several new Colors to be released soon to include a new RED…Thanks for trying Farmhouse Paint!

  5. Susie, I don’t know if you remember me but I have taken several of your classes. I love love love farmhouse paint and believe in my heart there is nothing out in the marketplace to compare. Mike and I are getting married on July 4 and if you remember he is a contractor. He also builds and restores furniture and does a lot of kitchens and cabinets. We opened a booth in simple finds last November and are doing very well there. I am sending you a retailer form as I would love to sell this paint. I would probably want to start with the smallest amount but believe it would do very well at my location. I have Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Sandy Spring, Chamblee nearby and no one sells this paint in this area. Please let me know ASAP what I do next. Thank you Cindy Stankus

  6. I think Farmhouse Paint is the hands down best furniture paint. I took a class last fall in chalk painting with a wax top coat. It seemed like a great invention. However, when I did my first real piece of furniture, the waxing was VERY hard. To the point that I did not want to attempt another piece. I bought a desk that was brand new and used acrylic paint and polyurethane instead of the chalk paint I had planned. It turned out very nice but the wood was new and raw. Then I was in an antique store that sold your paint. When it said no waxing, I bought some immediately. I have since used it on a seocnd hand coffee table and it does EXACTLY what you say it will. The finish is beautiful, and NO WAXING! I did put a coat of satin polycrylic over the top to protect the finish from water rings and other misc problems since it is a coffee table. And that worked beautifully. I distressed and antiqued before the poly and those steps were very easy. I am now recommending your product to anyone I know who paints furniture. Farmhouse paint is hands down, the BEST furniture painting product I have found.

  7. I am interested in using your product on my kitchen cabinets. Will this paint do the job!? Also, I was thinking of purchasing the Ash White color with the antiquing gel. Do you think this would help brighten up my kitchen? Also, if I need two gallons of the paint would I also need two gallons of the gel?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!

  8. Ī paint furniture and accessories for resale. I am very interested in your paint. Do you ship to Canada? And if so, how much would shipping be to Ontario?

  9. Hi, you informed me a couple months ago that you were coming out with a red shade in a couple weeks. An earlier post says it was supposed to come out much sooner than that. When will the red color emerge? Also, is there a lavender or violet shade in the near future?

    1. Hi Kelly! We have a red paint called Oh So Red that is now available. If we receive enough requests, we would introduce a violet shade. Thanks!

  10. I LOVE Farmhouse Paint! I have used a multitude of other “chalk paints” (well known chalk paints!) and in my opinion-NONE can match Farmhouse! We need more retailers in our area!! (Greensboro NC) Many friends have asked me what paint I use and I’ve sent them to the TWO places that we do have (sometimes they get lucky-most times not) I am placing an online order this evening bc I’m having difficulty “getting my hands” on some Cotton White. Ease of use (no priming and how well it applies) and top coating isn’t necessary! (I have waxed and poly acrylic some pieces but LOVE the option not to add ANY top coating!) Just completed our powder room vanity and am so pleased! (Grey Limoge!) THANK YOU! (But ‘spread your love’ to more retailers in our area!)

    1. Thanks for the note! We appreciate the feedback! We hope to increase the number of retailers! In the meantime, you can buy any color and product from our website.

  11. Schelly, I am looking for a posting of the new red color you have, I think it’s called Moroccan Red, but I can’t find anything on the internet or from a search to help. Do you have a chart with this color on it, and can you bring it in to Marina on Thursday. Or leave a sample piece of this color there for me. I might want a quart but I want to see it first. Thankyou, Jan

  12. I would like to use farm house paint on my kitchen cabinets, can you tell me the process of that? How well will it hold up in the kitchen?

  13. I bought a paint from a retailer that carries your line. It is called indigo… However, I don’t see this listed as an option. Is this color “retired”? Thanks

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