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Frequently Asked Questions

Is priming necessary before using Farmhouse Paint?
No, Farmhouse Paint requires No Priming. However, it is necessary to clean your piece to be sure the substrate is free of dirt, grime or wax. Clean your project area with Farmhouse Cleaning Kit, and then paint away. Farmhouse Paint adheres to almost any surface, including Wood (raw or painted), Metal, Glass, Masonry, Leather, Ceramic, Laminate, Thermo Foil, Concrete, Fabric, Formica, Hardware, etc.
Can Farmhouse Paint be used on kitchen and bathroom cabinets?
Absolutely, Farmhouse Paint works great on any cabinets due to the ease and durability. Many cabinet shops use Farmhouse Paint for commercial and residential applications. Even though a topcoat is not needed, we recommend top coating with Farmhouse Clear Coat, for extra abuse protection from foreign We also offer gallon size for larger jobs.
Are Farmhouse Paint products water based and low VOC?

Yes, our products are very user friendly, environmentally friendly, low VOC and water clean-up.

Can multiple colors be used on individual cabinets or furniture?
Yes, Farmhouse Paint looks great with several colors painted on various areas of a piece or layered with several colors. Allow colors to dry in between layers, then sand through layers to expose color underneath.
Does Farmhouse Paint leave brush marks?
Farmhouse Paint was formulated with a self-leveling agent to achieve minimal brush marks, and dries silky smooth. Everyone paints differently, so each person may have different results. We suggest using a consistent stroke, with even pressure; do not overload brush, but using enough paint on brush to cover well. For best results, use our Pro Series Brushes, they are very soft, creating a smooth finish.
Is Farmhouse Paint easy enough for a DIYer or Beginner?
Farmhouse Paint was designed to be easy and simple. We know it is the easiest and most durable paint on the market. It is so easy. You don’t have to be a “PRO” to get professional results.
How long should I wait after applying Farmhouse Paint, before applying Antiquing Gel?

Wait untill Farmhouse Paint is completely dry (4 hours to overnight). We suggest applying Antiquing Gel in a temperature controlled room, not in direct sunlight. After using on items that will get everyday use, we suggest applying Farmhouse ClearCoat.

If the distressed look is desired, should sanding edges be done before or after using the Antiquing Gel?el?
We recommend sanding before applying Antiquing Gel, that way the Antiquing Gel will give a nice finish over the entire piece. (Sanding after applying is fine, if the Antiquing Gel is completely dry).
Can you add water to thin paint if paint is left open too long and thickens?

Yes, you can add up to 15% water if needed. Paint should be sealed tightly and stored in a temperature-controlled environment. If paint has been stored and subjected to freezing temperatures or summer temperatures (ex. garage, storage unit, shed) it may no longer be usable.

How much paint do I need?

Farmhouse Paint covers approximately 100 – 150 square feet per coat, per quart. Coats of paint needed depends on the Farmhouse Paint color you choose and the color of original substrate. Our light colors over dark substrate may require several coats; our medium to dark colors usually cover in one coat. As project and surface details vary as well as everyone paints differently, results can also vary.

Can Farmhouse Paint be used outdoors?

Farmhouse Paint was developed as an interior paint but is weather resistant, although many of our customers use it on exterior projects with successful results. We suggest sealing your exterior project piece with Farmhouse Paint’s “RainCoat”, (an exterior water- based sealer) after paint has dried 48 hours, then wait 48 hours after sealing before using outdoors.

Can Farmhouse Paint products be used in a sprayer?
Yes, our products flow on any surface using a sprayer. Depending on type of sprayer, you can dilute with up to 15% water. Thin and consistent coats are recommended. Spraying will give you the smoothest finish with the most professional results.
Can a topcoat or wax be used over Farmhouse Paint if desired?
Even though a wax or topcoat is not needed, once Farmhouse Paint is
completely dry (at least 48 hours), you may use a wax or topcoat if desired.
Where is Farmhouse Paint made?
All Farmhouse Paint products are made in the USA. Our corporate offices, headquarters and distribution center is in Cartersville, Georgia.
If a polished look versus a flat matte look is desired, how can that be achieved?
Once Farmhouse Paint has recently dried to the touch, use our Fine Grit
Sanding Sponge and lightly sand entire surface, this will polish for a beautiful patina finish. For a satin sheen change, apply Farmhouse ClearCoat.
What does “Single Step” mean?
Farmhouse Paint is the original furniture paint that does not require purchase of any other product. Farmhouse Paint is completely durable on its own, without the use of any other product or additional steps. Farmhouse Paint does not need wax or a topcoat. Farmhouse Paint is “Single Step” paint, using a “Single Step” process.
Does Farmhouse Paint offer workshops?
Most of our retailers offer workshops. Each Licensed-Retailer may offer various classes, various techniques, all while using our unique Farmhouse Paint products. Farmhouse Paint headquarters also offers workshops and training classes. Check the “Find A Retailer” section of our website to find a retailer near you. Call your closest Licensed-Retailer for individual workshop details.
What is the best way to clean brushes?
Always clean immediately after use or in between a large project. Clean with a brush cleaner or soap and water, being sure to clean ferrule and bristles well.
How can I find a local retailer?

Check our website at www.farmhousepaint.com , click on “Find a Retailer”, type in your zip code and distance you are willing to travel, the closest retailer will be listed.

How can I get a retailer in my area if I don’t have one?
If you know a shop that would be a good fit for our paint, please ask them to carry it, or give us their name. Farmhouse Paint will pay you a referral fee if that shop becomes a retailer.
How does one become a retailer of Farmhouse Paint?
If you own your own retail shop or if you have a booth in an Antique style Market, depending on your zip code location, you may be eligible to become a retailer. Fill out our “Retailer Form” at www.FarmhousePaint.com or contact us at (404)806-3700, or send us an email, at info@FarmhousePaint.com

Our products are water based, user friendly and environmentally, low VOC, non-toxic, and water clean-up.

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