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Evolution is our newest line of paint that provides our toughest finish while delivering a factory finish look with ultra fast turn around times on projects. The ONE Paint that actually performs as promised.

Looking for a paint that won’t peel or scratch off? One that delivers a smooth and extremely durable finish. Finally the one paint that won’t waste your time or money. Paint it right the first time with the One Paint that actually does what it says!

Evolution Paint delivers a satin-finish with the fastest-drying times on projects compared to any other furniture and cabinet paint brand. Evolution Paint outperforms all other options including the All in One Paints, One Hour Enamels, Chalk and Mineral Paints, and Resin Paints. Evolution Paint adheres to most surfaces and is ideal for furniture, cabinets, trim, doors, windows, metal, and concrete. This innovative furniture paint is highly resistant to cracking and peeling and does not require a topcoat.

The makers of Evolution Paint have the skill and talent that has produced very unique, easy to use products to endure the test of time and strong enough to paint the toughest surfaces.

Once you compare Evolution Paint to other brands that over promise and under deliver, we are sure you will never look back.

Why Choose Evolution Paint over the others

Evolution Paint provides:

  • Ultra-Durable Satin Finish that goes on smooth and easy.
  • Adheres like Crazy (Dare to Compare)
  • Interior / Exterior / UV Resistant.
  • Wear & Tear” Safeguard.
  • Resist cracking and peeling.
  • Requires no primer or topcoat.
  • Stain & Scratch Resistant.
  • Exceptional Coverage.
  • Cures in just ONE DAY for fast return to service.
  • Tough Guard” Technologies.
  • Ideal for Furniture, Cabinets, Trim, Doors, Windows, Floors, Metal, Concrete and more…
  • Tack Free within minutes.

Evolution Paint can be used on almost any surface:

  • Wood (painted or raw)
  • Existing or New Cabinets, Furniture
  • Doors and Trim
  • Metal
  • Floors
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Glass
  • Thermo Foil, Laminate & Melamine Cabinets And MORE!

Evolution Paint is:

  • Eco and User Friendly
  • Water Based, Water Clean-up
  • Timeless but Trendy
  • Simple & Beautiful
  • Made in the USA

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