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The makers of Farmhouse and Evolution Paint are not new to the paint industry. We are “movers and shakers” in the decorative paint and finishing world. We have been producing and selling professional paint products and finishes for over 3 decades. It is very important to us here at Farmhouse Paint Company, that every member of our team has been trained to use and know our products. You can confidently depend on Farmhouse Paint Company’s proven expertise and years of producing easy to use products, to give you the best advice with knowledge, creativity and inspiration. We are continually creating, testing and producing new and innovative products and finishes.

Farmhouse Paint is more than just a paint company. We are a family of producers, designers, retailers, chemists, inventors and innovators, working together to help the global decorative community transform furnishings and décor into beautiful customized pieces.

Farmhouse Paint Company can provide the look for any decorating taste and the products, tools and supplies to update, personalize and transform any home or decorative surface.

We use the highest grade components, producing superior products with; advanced adhesion, unsurpassed durability, chip and weather resistance, leveling, providing a smooth silky easy to use “Single Step” process accomplishing professional results. Unlike many chalk style brands, Farmhouse Paint needs NO Wax, NO Topcoat, since it is completely durable on its own.

What sets us apart from ALL other furniture paint brands?? OUR PROVEN RESULTS!! Farmhouse Paint is unique to all other brands. In order to say Farmhouse Paint is the best furniture paint, we have the proof. We go the extra step and take time and measures… On a continual basis, we actually lab test other competitive brands. We have a strict set of guidelines that we test for; to be sure Farmhouse Paint exceeds all other brands. We know with 100% proven and verified results that Farmhouse Paint exceeds all points tested. Other brands make lots of claims, but we don’t believe any other brand puts what they say to the test…WE DO, and we are proud to say with confidence and truth …“Farmhouse Paint is the highest quality formula giving the best proven performance in the industry”.

Our paint is not a “Chalk Paint”; it is an acrylic resin based advanced high grade formula specialty paint. Chalk is very porous, as the resin we use is very durable and strong. We set ourselves apart by using very high quality, long lasting, and state of the art materials Due to our continual testing and strategic process, our licensed formula consists of the most innovative materials available, to assure Farmhouse Paint surpasses and advances our competition.

We are a small independent fast growing company that cares about our customers. Without our customers we would not be in business and we take great value in that, which is not taken for granted.


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