Wood Paté


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Wood Paté is the best filler for furniture to repair wood and create a smooth finish. Wood Pate' is comparatively strong enough to truly repair wooden imperfections. Patch, fill or repair cracks, nail holes, grain, gaps, broken edges or parts of wood furniture before refinishing. This wood filler also works great on cabinets or any other wooden surfaces with imperfections. Farmhouse Paint Wood Pate' is a latex based filler which results in fast drying times. Wood Paté' does not shrink or crack after drying and can be easily cleaned up with water.

Application of this latex based filler is easy to use with high quality results. Once dry, it can be painted with Farmhouse Paint or stained with even absorption of finish. Its high performance durability leaves your furniture piece's surface smooth and ready for refinishing. Wood Wood Paté comes in two shades to match lighter wood pieces as well as darker finishes.


  • Clean off dust and loose particles from area to be repaired.  ·
  • Apply Wood Paté with a putty knife, with minimum strokes.
  • Several coats may be necessary, drying between coats, to ensure properly filled
  • Dip blade in water for final smoothing and even with surface.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry
  • Sand and smooth if necessary
  • Finally, clean up with water

Discover why Wood Paté is considered the best wood filler for furniture!

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Light Wood Filler (7oz), Dark Wood Filler (7oz)