Metallics / Shimmers

Create depth and darken crevices and surface while highlighting detail. Antiquing Gel is an easy alternative to a dark wax.


Brilliant metallic in many rich colors. Available in 3×200’” or 6×200’” rolls that are durable, long lasting and easy to apply. Create a reflective metallic on entire surface or detailed areas.
• Apply Farmhouse Metalize as desired (Per Farmhouse Metalize directions). Allow to set up till tacky and clear.
• Roll out Metallique Shimmer and cut to desired size.
• Apply Shimmer back side down (nonmetallic side down) to tacky Farmhouse Metalize tacky surface.
• Using Farmhouse Shimmer brush, brush shimmer to adhere to surface. Brush hard and evenly, pushing into any crevice detail.
• Pull clear sheet off and discard. (You can only expect 80-90% of shimmer to adhere.) If more coverage is desired, repeat steps.

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