Crystal Fusion


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Crystal Fusion is a very unique Farmhouse Paint Product; it is a clear luminous granular glass infused gel. It creates a dramatic textured reflective effect, with a transparent glittering sparkle.

  • Visual effect like condensation on cold glass.
  • Reflects Farmhouse Paint color underneath with clarity.
  • Densely packed with maximum durability.
  • Water based, soap and water clean up
  • Interior use
  • Low VOC


  • Clean surface with Farmhouse Cleaning Kit, per directions. Allow to dry.
  • Paint a base coat of Farmhouse Paint and allow to thoroughly dry.
  • Mix approximately 3 parts Farmhouse TexCoat into 5 parts Farmhouse Paint or

Farmhouse Mood Metallix Paint. Mix well.

  • Apply paint mixture evenly onto surface with brush or roller.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry.
  • Optional: Paint a design onto textured surface using several Farmhouse Paint colors, create a stenciled design or a pattern of colors. Allow to thoroughly dry.
  • For maximum clarity and best reflective quality, apply an even thin single layer of Crystal Fusion with Farmhouse Flex Trowels or Brush. (Heavy application may remain cloudy).
  • Allow to thoroughly dry. Dries to touch in 3-6 hours, Dries clear in 12-24 hours.


  • Do not apply over a slick or shiny surface.
  • May be thinned with water up to 10%
  • Roller or spray applications are not recommended.

COVERAGE: Approximately 20-25 square feet per quart in thin coats.


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8 oz, Quart